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John Centi   Love Live Life
John Centi   Love Live Life
John Centi   Love Live Life
John Centi   Love Live Life
John Centi   Love Live Life

A Tint of Action Sports

A Tint of Action Sports, Now we have the ability to display content in real time from our favorite people, places and companies combined in one feed thanks to our friends at Tintup. Check out how we are using this tool to drive a revolution in the content delivery of action sports industry on The Blend.

Tintup Service used on Action Sports

Above you will find our current use of the Tint software. For example on how it works for us, take a look at our Snowboarding page here On this page you will find the most current snowboarding updates from the three top snowboarding magazines in the industry, all in real time, all on the one content feed found on The Blend.

Its been a service I have been seeking for a while.  A true consistently updating service that allows for current, up to date and visually pleasing content plugin for wordpress and other website platform.  Until now I have been unsuccessful in achieving this for a number of reasons.  Tint, is a new content aggregation service that offers one really cool option whereas you can subscribe to your favorite feed from instagram.  The tool displays the most current and relevant updates from your list which in our case is the action sports industry.

Our goal at The Blend is to deliver the most current and relevant updates in the action sports industry by utilizing Tint and subscribing the to the most influential content from the best magazines in the industry.  Our hopes are to grow with Tint to utilize the service and display the best feed from the people, places, magazines and companies in snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bmx, motox, climbing, biking, wakeboarding, windsurfing, wingsuit flying and much more…  The Blend will utilize these feeds to keep  a consistent feed to an already existing deep product database highlighting the information about products in each of these fields.
Tint as a service makes it really possible to have a constantly up to date section of our site to Blend the best of action sports together on our already existing unique content database.  This service does not interfere with the functionality and ideal purpose of the original basis of our wordpress site and we can still update our unique content streams while simultaneously displaying the most dynamic group of action sports contributors via instagram feeds.  We hope to deliver a constant and progressive site and want the users to be constantly entertained.  With the help of Tint we can accomplish this can revolutionize the action sports market from a content standpoint.

Essentially every single company in their distinguished markets update one of their common marketing tools and Tint has a way to tap in to it and utilize its contents to display new information.  Here at The Blend we look forward to working with Tint to design a new format for content delivery to our audience.  I see so many uses for the Tint product that its unreal.  The world can essentially connect in real time via new applications. Now potentially we could combine The Blend with any topic, any hastag, anything could blend together in to one feed.

We are hoping to work with Tint to help test and develop new ways of utilizing their feed files for the most up to date content in one place on The Blend.
For more information please visit and to see our use of tint.

Check out Some Snowboarding Photos

John Centi and Friends

I just put together a new page that shows some of my snowboarding from the past few years.  I have been really lucky to work with some of the most amazing companies, photographers and athletes throughout my adventures in the mountains.  Check them out NOW!

Photo Sets from St Augustine Florida

St Augustine Florida Photography

Its been a few months since I have touched base back in Florida, but that doesn't mean that the beauty of all things doesn't move on down there. I recently started putting photos together in sets to use multiple photos collectively to convey my message.  I also just noticed that some of these photos in this set are the same, oops. →

Chelone Miller Rest In Peace

Chelone Miller RIP

Chelone Miller, So many good things can be said about this beautiful spirit. An amazing person, strong heart, huge smiles and always good vibes. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to this amazing spirit way too early, as Chelone passed away while sleeping. He suffered a severe brain trauma a few years ago that caused Chelone to experience severe seizures; →

Essential Tips for Opening a New Store

Super Sale Event Product Layout

Essential tips in Opening a Store.  In my history of this amazing thing called doing business I have had the oppurtunity to indulge in the challenge of opening multiple storefronts for our operations.  I did this for various business types from Snowboarding and Skateboarding Stores, A Printing Business, A Night Club and Restaurants.  Through this journey into the frontier of →

Handmade Shoes From South America

Shoes Made in South America

A new shoe brand is set to emerge on the USA market.  A unique collection of handmade shoes from tribes of South America.  Made in Peru and Argentina these shoes are already turning heads and will soon be turning many more. These shoes come in sizes 5-13, High Tops, Low Tops, Womens' Boots and much more. The most unique thing about →

Can You Imagine?

Using your imagination

We were all blessed with the ability to see deep in to the things we can't actually see.  Our ability to reach deep into the core of our inner spirit, our center, our inner mind is called using your imagination.  Its the root from which creativity occurs and where our most beautiful ideas come to life. In this world we should all →

California Photo Set, Yosemite, San Diego Zoo and PCH

Yosemite california Photos

California is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  I love everything about it.  I mean I lived most of my purest dreams in this amazing landscape and under the Golden State Sunshine. Its a land with huge cities, amazing mountains and an epic coast line that battles it out with some of the most beautiful beaches in →

Ink Wells Logo Defined

Ink Wells Co Logo

    Ink Wells Logo Manifest Influence The cycle of true creativity begins from the center within each and every one of us. Its our master mind; our spirit that drives these creative thoughts to the surface that eventually become the ideas, art, music and companies that arouse more creativity. This agency then spreads from one sphere of influence in a consecutive flow →

Skateboarding in Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile, Things You will see

  Skateboarding in Santiago Chile. I recently and randomly rolled up on this huge skatepark in Santiago while there for Chiles independence holiday. This park is in the middle of a huge park called Parque O'higgins that my Los Heroes from Sweden and I went to visit.  The festival itself is an entirely different story. While there I borrowed a board from some →