Live Printing is So Fun

My team and I love the thrill and excitement of Live Printing. I have been doing it for years all over the nation and truly enjoy it.

Love Live Life

Thank you for visiting my website. I stay very active in my pursuit of my business and do everything I can to travel and enjoy life as much as possible.

Work Hard and Enjoy Yourself

Welcome to my updates!  Ive combined the instagram feeds of my brands and personal account.  I love to share these amazing and  inspirational things I do and discover.  

Updates from my Blog

I would love to be keeping up with my blog more often but there are at least some pretty cool finds in there for sure.
  • Chicago Hoodie

    New Hoodies

                    I know its time for spring and summer so these lightweight new photo hoodies are going to be finished in good time from the Ink Wells Production house. We have some exciting new developments with Ink Wells and my move to Manhattan for the summer.  I was […]
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  • IMG_9658.JPG

    Tribal Business with YK

    On a recent trip to California I stopped to do some business with a great old friend of mine Yuodde Kauk in Yosemite National Park.  Looking forward to the next steps working with Yuodde and Lonnie Kauk.  I will be connecting with Circe Wallace VP of Wassermann Media Group to create a great business for […]
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  • IMG_2674-0.JPG

    Custom Tie Dye Hoodies, Tank Tops and T Shirts

    Custom tie dye hoodies, tie dye tank tops and tie dye t shirts are really making an impact over at Ink Wells Co. We create some of the most unique pieces on the market with the top quality dye and we are fully geared up for winter! Check out a few of our pieces below. […]
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  • John Centi and Friends

    Check out Some Snowboarding Photos

    I just put together a new page that shows some of my snowboarding from the past few years.  I have been really lucky to work with some of the most amazing companies, photographers and athletes throughout my adventures in the mountains.  Check them out NOW!
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