Welcome to the New Year. Wow 2010 was heavy, but instead of looking back on everything thay went down I am just excited to look forward. There are some amazing things happening right now.

I am creating partnerships with some local mountain resorts and hope to have successfully dropped a proposal to every single resort in 2011. I just created a great one for Snowrev that could really make a difference.

GnarJar needs way more focus. I have a crew of volunteers in place ready to make the calls required as a follow up to the website. I want this to happen.

Suburban Blends new website is officially set to launch on Feb 20. It took alot longer to handle all of the development than I wanted but damn, get ready for this thing world. As far as ecommerce is concerned, we are coming in hot.

I started a new printing business INK WELLS aAiming for the summer too, Trying to bring this concept to Chautauqua.. That would be amazing.

I am going to plan a backcountry excursion through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in April/may, that will be a 50 mile split boarding treck ending in Yosemite Valley. Anyone want to join?

I look forward to this year being dedicated to achieving my goals, not holdig back, staying completely focused and letting go entirely. Life is to beautiful for me to let myself be held back by what people might think of me. Peace.

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