Allegheny Rain

Allegheny Rain

Allegheny National Forest

Lets dip back in time.. It seems like just yesterday and forever ago.. A trip to Allegheny with my best friend Molly Price. We were on a serious adventure, seeking out the beauty in the places close to where we grew up.. Top on that list is Alleghany National Forest.

It was a rainy day in the northeast, spring had sprung, around April, just before a trip to Mammoth.. We had to go and capture the birth of new life, rebirth of life that had hibernated all winter and see exactly what the spring had to offer.  The colors, the rain, the fog, the rocks, the moss and everything were enough to throw your senses in to overload.. Then mix in this girl who has the most pure and beautiful energy and its sensory overload, for all the right reasons.

Enjoy the photo set.

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