Inspired The Art of Mike Parillo

Inspired The Art of Mike Parillo

My mind has officially been blown here.  What can I say about an artist that has tapped into a part of this world that most of us may never see, other than through his expression.  I feel that one of the most amazing things about life is that no two people see things the same, and for that reason we inspire one another.  I am entirely inspired by the way this artist Mike Parillo sees things and how he can translate that perspective through his art.

Inspiration in this visual journey is so important because each element affects you heavily whether you realize it or not.  This is in the sense that once you see something that takes you away for a moment and your mind renders what you see, its with you, for good, but you may not realize how that has inspired you for much time.  I am inspired by still photography and art so heavily and whenever I create something I can often tap back to the inspiration for it.  That for me is a great recognition to have.

I remember being introduced to Mike Parillos art from an old Burton sticker I had put on the nose of my snowboard when I was like 15 and it opened my mind every time I went riding.  I would stare at this sticker while on the lift and my mind would be working in such a creative way.  Burton had taken the art and made an entire board line from the graphic.  Peep this art HERE. Its mind blowing for sure, and its from the mind and inspiration of Parillo.

Most of the things that have influenced me in such a strong way have come from my history in snowboarding and now that I have grown more I see why.  The things that people in snowboarding get to see are enough to expand your mind to an entirely new level.  I mean, Mountains, themselves are enough to change your perspective and when you mix snowboarding and the ability to define your own path from the top of any line you ride, you ultimately move in to a whole new dimension where creativity often comes from.  From within.

If you haven’t heard about this Jackson Hole,WY based artist named Mike Parillo, its about time you find out. Peep some of his work below and click the photos to go to his site directly.

Artist Mike Parillo Mountains on Blue

Mike Parillo Art Work

Mike Parillo Artist Art

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