Ask and Receive

Ask and Receive

Revolution Session


This is a heavy dip into the memory of my mind. It was a couple years ago now, in the spring at Mammoth Mountain. We had been working super hard on the Snowrev project for some time but had not taken the initiative to organize what would be considered a “private” after hours shoot at any resort.

I decided that it was time to organize such an event, something that I could orchestrate and define the terms by which who, what and when we would session. We picked the day that would work for the Mammoth Mountain Unbound crew a week before the actual shoot and just hoped for the best of weather that we could get. My friend Chris is the park manager in Mammoth so he helped me set everything up. The weather is always such a factor in shooting snowboarding but in a place like Mammoth where the sun shines 300 days a year, the odds of getting a good sunset are pretty much on point.

The day came, and what is it that I wake up to? Complete overcast! In Mammoth? I wondered how such could be true, but our date was set to shoot on this night. I remember getting up, taking a break from riding during the day, and rested in the hot tub by myself. Chilling, I looked up to the skies and asked deeply for the world to bring us epic weather for the evening. I asked so deeply with such a strong DESIRE that I left the hot tub confident that the night would pop, and be epic, and the session would be everything that we could have ever asked for, even though when I got out of the tub, the sky was still overcast and didn’t look anything near promising.

This may seem a little strange to some of you, to hear that I am the type of person who has a strong desire to make things happen and I put my mind energy out into this world with undeniable faith that it will come true, but the world has yet to truly disappoint me in such a way. This is a perfect example of the world giving me faith in my belief. I am not a very religious person, but I do believe that I am connected to the world through the translation of ENERGY and MATTER, both of which can be controlled and communicated to the world.

The night scene was set, still overcast! Moments before the shoot began, as the sun began its race toward the horizon setting, the sky began to unfold.. I remember only staring at the sky, asking for MORE! MORE intensity, MORE beauty, MORE color and wouldn’t take my eyes off it, showing nothing but true appreciation for every single change in the color.  Everything I would ask for, MORE, through the evolution of the night, the world would gladly reply, with INTENSE beauty.  I will forever remember this night with a great crew of people, when my world truly spoke back to me in a physical presence and that I initiated a type of faith that will never be lost within this spirit.

I am forever thankful; for mother nature is beauty and power and I am thankful to have learned that you can receive anything so long as ask for it with a true burning DESIRE and back that with ultimate FAITH.

Ask and You Can Receive.  Anything is possible.

John Centi Snowboarding at Mammoth

Andrew Miller Photo of a mid spin seven tail grab.  I remember getting so corked out on my spins that night, it was heavy.

Minaret Mountains Mammoth

Colorful Sunset

Mammoth Mountain Sunset

John Centi Snow

– This grab I am doing here is called a truck driver, its when you grab your board with both hands in the front and back of your board.  Peter Morning photo.


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