Been Back.. Way Back.. Part 1 of Three.

Been Back.. Way Back.. Part 1 of Three.

Twenty Twelve
Wow.. So so so so sorry for not being here, but its been crazy around these parts. I mean for real I have been overly consumed by pretty cool things around me. A couple solid months of straight up hustling to get myself like right here where Im at now. Sitting in Ink Wells, just bought out a company today that did a similar business to what I am doing now, so inspired by just this morning. I got up at like 4am, had the most beautiful moment, you know, kind of like one of those all time moments in life, said bye to my best friend, and didn’t go back to sleep. Instead, I got home and watched The movie Social Network, The Story of Facebook, Ughhh, Epic must see for you kidco’s, crazy how that movie speaks to me and crazier I waited till today to watch it, ouuuuhh, much to relate to, and not. Anyway, yeah I got totally inspired by it.

Whooa wait, let me back up a minute. That shit was hard, not going to lie, crushed so many times for some apparent reason. I guess this shit didn’t kill me so I do keep getting stronger, can feel that. I mean for real I haven’t really updated you in a while to like lets wrap up 2011, since its gone and its now a good Twenty Twelve, A New Dawn, A New Day, as my lil sister put it.

Ok, Boom, January, wow a whole year ago now, that shit was extremely hard, I took on a serious task, to multi-task manage my snowboard shop and build a new site for the business, managing SNOWREV still back then too and dreaming of a new site, that kind of dropped. In the shop, We killed it though, wrapped up the season on a $60,000 increase in sales from the season prior, and cut expenses by more than 50%. This was the first time the shop saw a profit in the 3 years of its operation. I loved the business, but couldn’t make it work in the location we were in, the dark dungeon, spent mad time missing my friends, worked so much. Site was underway, didn’t shred enough. I started this business idea that evolved in to my current main focus, it was just supposed to be for fun, but yeah I guess I enjoy it a little much because now Im living it fully. Ha and who ever said print was dead. Guess not.

February, A little better, steady running the shop everyday, cried almost everyday, real talk, couldn’t really explain the tears, but I spent like 2 and a half hours each day commuting alone and that was kind of rough. I dropped in on a Vegas mission for Magic, the apparel trade show, my god, so many beautiful girls out there, but nothing worth breaking the shell. Its like when the fashion industry takes their top models and sales people and retailers and drops them all in the middle of the desert for convention, its more than worth the mission and more than overwhelming. Reminds me, I have a reservation out there I still need to take advantage of. Any takers for free room and boarding, in the Sin City?

March, Damn, winter was almost over and shit I hadn’t really shredded the entire time, just so driven by work. Site was almost finished and just needed some additional time. Skateboarding started to kick in to my blood.. At Petes place, the Suburban Blend bowl. Started to become the most amazing and energy forward thing I was able to put my mind to. As I look back now I remember that I started skateboarding hard, and it was a beautiful release for me. Yo I guess Im an emotional kid, and skateboarding was such that release for every part of me.

April, Ouch. My favorite month, but somehow tainted, something happened in April that had me tapped. I was running on the last leg of the so called snowboard season here on the East, I mean, after living in Mammoth for years and traveling to all the best resorts in the nation, its just really hard to get motivated to go snowboarding at Holiday Valley, ouch I said it, I had been spoiled rotten by the most epic shred places. So instead of shredding, I fled for a trip down to Florida, get away from it you know, it was a long and heavy winter and I really wanted to see my friends for their birthday down there. I thought it would mean a lot to, be there. During that trip down there, someone crashed on my shop project and closed the bitch, without expressing that we were going to do so. I guess everything happens for a reason, and yeah I was happy it happened, can’t lie, although the business suffered a loss in sales due to it. Kind of a long story, made for another chapter.

Yo, Well Im back, Its been a long road that kept my every moment away from this but yeah, follow up, cuz Ill wrap up the year to the best of my memory, and get back on track looking forward.

Looking forward now.. Hmm.. Big things are happening and my mind is right, I have that focus I was hoping to find. This year I am going to drop some amazing roots. First and foremost, Im going going back back to Cali Cali, Tahoe. Ahhh. The lake, and shit, San Fran, and Mammoth, and Yosemite, and more and more and more. A new horizon, more business ventures, more fun.

Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

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