Bloody Couloir Mission

Bloody Couloir Mission

Bloody Couloir Full Report.  The story of the 12,500 foot mountain called BLOODY!

So its June 7, 2010.  No the snowboarding season is not over.  Of course you could be spending your time sitting in your living room chatting on facebook or skype.. Although there is nothing wrong with that.  I am just trying to let you know that there is still plenty of snowboarding to be had out here in Mammoth.

This is the second mission I have down with the Couloir Crew Megan Centi, Alex and Anna Wells.  This time we headed for Mammoths premier backcountry mission Bloody Couloir.  Its an epic mission.  You begin your journey on Laurel Mountain road, which is one of the gnarliest roads in the Sierras.  You drive about an hour to the drop point then trek a 6 mile, 3000 vertical rise hike to the top of Bloody Mountain.

The hike is no easy task and you better be prepared for a serious mission..  Once you reach the top you are blessed with some of the most amazing views you may ever see in your life..  There is something so special about these mountains.  Believe me I have spent time in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Canada and Alaska and of none of them really can compare to the perspective and the visual elements you receive here.. For me, this is purely next level.

After you reach the top and you are ready, you have a 3000 foot vertical run through a couloir with 300- 400 foot rock walls on each side.. This run remains at a sustained 45 degree convex roll for the first half until you pass the second rock that lies in the middle of the Couloir.  Its no easy task.. Especially for Megan who has only really been snowboarding for one full season and part of last season.  Her skills are on an entirely next level though and she handled it like a champ..

Once you reach the bottom of the Couloir you have another serious trek out.. Riding down waterfalls, next to glacial lakes, and down through amazing sulfuric meadows.  Then back down the road where you look back at the 12,500 foot mountain called Bloody..

Check out my full photo report of the Bloody Mission and if you haven’t been up there yet.  Get moving on it..

– Alex, spotting the zone.

– The road from our 6 mile, 3000 vertical foot rise..

– The soul searcher on a quest.

– Hands down Megan Centi knows more about snowboarding than you.

– View inside the Couloir

– Post Couloir Ride out..

– Post Couloir Hike Out.

– Yes its June and no the Snowboarding season is not over..

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