Business Update 1

Business Update 1

Business Update 1

Jamie Weller Front Blunt– Brooks Fritz Photo

SKATEBOARDREV: Skateboarding, Skateboarding, Skateboarding…  Today I worked with Brooks Fritz on the Skateboard site for about 3 hours.  We discussed the future of and where the business is going.

We also just finished developing a new Community with that allows users on our Skateboard Community to post to our site and it shows up on their twitter account.  This is a brand new technique we are trying for social networking..  Creation of ones Imagination.

The Skateboardrev site is just a baby and will get mad love and attention while it grows.  We have some really cool features on there that will help along the way.  First of all, Our Community is stacked.  Peep it..  Its brief and easy to use.  We will see if this is what the Skateboard Community is looking for..

Here are some of the changes we worked on today..  New Header Image with Pics, New Community Sign Up Background, New Fonts- CSS Changes, Changed the links for the Skateboard Products.  There are still many changes that will be taking place but for the most part this is the direction.

I just finished the Summer Sponsorship Plan for the Skateboard site.. Turned out pretty sick..

SNOWREV: I have a filmer that just arrived from New York named Marc Oste who is going to help me edit the new video interview series that will be dropping soon.  Once the editing is done and the sponsors are in place this web series will drop and bring you tons of online interview enjoyment..

Additionally, I just finished the Sponsor Proposal for the RV in Hood this summer.  This will be coming your way very soon.

Snowrev also is having some server issues but we are not too worried about that because we will be back and running live very soon.  I guess these days we are sharing our traffic with a competitor.  Its always important to remember though, when people come to your site using searches.. You have to give them what they want or you receive a high bounce rate and that’s not good for anyone..  A bounce is when someone arrives on your site and leaves within seconds and doesn’t view any content.  You have to be focused on giving the people what they are searching for..  I learned that lesson.

SUBURBAN BLEND: Had a good discussion with one of the industry insiders (sorry no names) about selling some bulk obsolete inventory to off price buyers.  We will see whats up with that but definitely could be making a move clearing out some good but a little bit older gear.

INJURED RIDERS FOUNDATION: On the Injured Riders Notes…Just had a meeting with Dennis “Sketchy D” Bonjorno about his injuries and how my foundation the IRF can help him..  I also heard from two additional Injured Athletes in the past few days and look forward to helping a bunch more people.  So far we have had two cases and have saved over $90,000 in hospital bills for our applicants.

NEW BUSINESSES IN THE WORKS: There are some great new concepts in the works.

1. is coming along great for all action sports.  You are going to love this one.. In the meantime I’m testing some google ads for domains while this plan and design unfolds..

2.  A top secret new company is brewing in the Snowboard industry.  The products are evolving and the team is stacking up nicely..  Be on the lookout..  Its exactly what all snowboarders need.  I worked on some Font concepts for the logo and the name.. Damn I want to tell you so bad.. but its not quite time yet.

3.  The Digio project is unfolding slowly.  You havent quite heard about this project but its Slim, Matt and I working on something that Joe LoConti referred to as “Big Business”.

4.  Another new top secret snowboarding company is in the works as well.  Megan is brewing this thing as we speak.  Its just for you ladies and its exactly what you were waiting for..  Her note book reminds me of my first notebook when starting Snowrev.  I guess that what working at Wave Rave does.. Inspired..

Have a good work day and enjoy.  We will be steady at it here.