Take Me Back Thursdays | California Raisins Christmas Special

Take Me Back Thursdays | California Raisins Christmas Special

Here is a blast from the past.  The California Raisins Claymation Christmas Special.  I will always remember watching this with my brother and sisters.  We loved this video and probably havent seen or thought of this in about 15 years.    The second video was from the same Christmas special and I remember this being one of the funnies scenes in the movie.

Today I am working on a photo slide show of my most recent adventures and a product reviews for the Snowrev site of the 2011 Capita Quiver Killer Snowboard.  Might go snowboarding with Megan but we will see how the weather looks up there first. After that I will be working on organizing my sponsorship plans for the Snowrev and Skateboardrev sites. We will be taking a whole new approach this year and I will be submitting the sponsor plans to over 500 potential sponsors by the end of the week. I will also be planning my trip down to So Cal and lining up my meetings to keep these sites alive.

Oh and by the way I finished up populating the Skateboardrev Products last night at about 2:30 AM.. Still some issues to address, like adding Skateboard Company Logos, and changing out the Products Home Page..

For Now enjoy this blast from the past..

California Raisins

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