Great Spirit

Great Spirit

Chelone Miller RIP

Chelone Miller, So many good things can be said about this beautiful spirit. An amazing person, strong heart, huge smiles and always good vibes. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to this amazing spirit way too early, as Chelone passed away while sleeping. He suffered a severe brain trauma a few years ago that caused Chelone to experience severe seizures; which was the reported cause of his death.

I feel really lucky to have shared some amazing times with Chilly. We travelled and snowboarded together and spent a bunch of great days riding in Mammoth. When I shot this photo we were in the middle of an interview we were working on for SNOWREV. We spoke about the beauty in the world, using your spirit power to guide you through hard times and more amazing world concepts that would often be shared by Chilly.

Send it Chilly! We will miss you dearly and hope you are shredding huge jumps sending it as you always did! Peace Out Homie, Mad Love Bro.

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