Commotion The Movie. Free for All.

Commotion The Movie. Free for All.

I am happy to announce that Commotion was released today, for free and available for all of snowboarding to see.  Commotion is a full length FREE online snowboarding video that is purely about snowboarding.  I am proud to say that I was the executive producer of this movie, which basically meant I put together the required resources to get this movie started. From there it was up to two super passionate snowboarders to really make the movie happen and executive producers, Nick Russell and Cody Rosenthal did exactly that. They made it happen.

Last fall, way to late in the game to start a snowboard movie, Cody Rosenthal, Nick Russell and I had a few meetings about making a snowboard movie.   At the time, Nick was working for me on helping with the new Snowrev site and I had originally started talking to Cody to do the same. We talked about riders, we talked about names for the movie, we talked about online content and we talked about distribution, but it was too late in the game to really put a solid plan down.  So we just sent it.

We figured out what it would take to get Cody and Nick involved with filming and producing the movie and weekly online videos and then we got started.  I arranged for the guys to use the Snowrev RV and cameras for the season to film, and go where they needed to go, and do what they needed to do to get started.

These guys put together a solid group of filmers and riders that would be included in the video and truly went so far to make this happen.

Cody and Nick put in so much of their own time, their own passion and their own money to make it happen. They managed to get sponsors for the movie, get all the footage they needed and got into the grind enough to make it a reality. These guys are the real producers of the movie and their reasoning for doing this is all about snowboarding and helping friends.

Here is the line up of riders you will see in the movie. Keegan Valaika, Harrison Gordon, Chris Carr, Tyler Verigan, Jed Anderson, Jarad Hadi, Chris Grenier, Wyatt Stasinos, Jeff Kramer, Kyle Clancy, Kevin Jones, Rob Kingwell, Gabe Taylor, Nate Farrell, Ted Borland, Doran Laybourn, Colin Langlois, Louie Vito, Nick Russell, Kevin Pearce, Cody Rosenthal, Lane Knaack, Chris Brandshaw, Greg Bokencamp, Shayne Pospisil, Jeremy Thompson, Zach Siebert, Scott Blum, Danny Kass, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Bode Merrill, Tim Ronin, Mike Caruso, Scotty Arnold, Zak Hale, Brandon Phillips and all the homeys.

This is Commotion. It goes to show that sometimes plans and time are not really what you need to make something amazing for everyone. Watch it over and over, and get stoked on snowboarding. This is it.

Snowboarding Commotion

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