Old Work

Old Work

Today I am spending so much time organizing our contact list for an upcoming marketing campaign on Snowrev.  Remember the right preparation is half the battle, then come execution and tracking..  Its important to know what you plan to do, do it, then learn from any mistakes or successes.

I am not only preparing the email list for the marketing campaign but just to put things in order.  Its always important to have a good solid contact list that you can reach out to whenever changes occur.  For example, lets say you are an online business that is forced to change your domain name for any unforeseeable reason.. Believe me, this happens..  Its not a big deal as long as all of the people that read your website can be made aware of the upcoming change.  I have had to do this twice now.

All together the snowrev site has about 20,000 direct email contacts.  This includes our viewing community, PR contacts, Snowboarding company contacts and resorts.  This doesnt include the 6,000 collective facebook contacts that we can reach out to at any time.

So here I am preparing my list so I can notify everyone of the top secret video series that is dropping soon. Everyone that has previewed them is so pumped on them and are stoked because this concept has never been done in snowboarding before..  Maybe I will drop a preview on here for all of you this weekend.

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