Flagler Florida, St Augustine Photo Gallery

Flagler Florida, St Augustine Photo Gallery

St Augustine Sunset Photo by John Centi

Flagler FLA, Photo Gallery from the beautiful St Augustine Florida. This is one of the most unique and amazing places I have ever been. Hard to explain even, A place with an east coast mentality with west coast swag. Yeah, its like that.

There are some places you will visit in lifes journey that will bring you change, inspirations, experiences and beauty all around. Its everywhere! Its something that I treasure and think that all young adults should reach for, exploration. Exploration doesn’t have to be to all ends of the earth to be searching for exactly what is new to you, what drives you. Exploration can be as simple as taking a different turn home in the treck across the city for the first time. For me, St Augustine was a place I had never even put on my radar, until a couple years ago and because I was able to visit here I was so inspired that I was even able to launch a new business off the inspiration.

Now after seeing this place, and spending a good chunk of time here, do I understand what it means to be inspired by the surrounding arts, community and experiences while spending time somewhere. I specifically spent a bunch of time at this place, while building the Suburban Blend website, I used the Flagler College WiFi to do so. I remember while I was there, I was so excited about the concept of opening a retail store down there, and tried to explore some property and different options.. I am so open in business that I see the potential of doing everything from a bed and breakfast in St Augustine, a cleaning service or a t shirt printing business. Poof. Months later and born is Ink Wells Printing.

Looking back, I loved everything about this place and the time I got to spend. Flagler, and St Augustine Florida.. Enjoy the photos, they speak for themselves as for some things in and around Flagler College.

st augustine church, Photo by John Centi

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