Fly the Andes

Fly the Andes

Paragliding Photos from Mendoza Argentina

I had the opportunity to go paragliding while in Mendoza Argentina.  This was so awesome.  For real.  Just a few days prior I was telling my friend Chani in Bariloche about my desire to fly.  I was explaining how I loved snowboarding but for me the next step was to truly take flight, to feel like a bird with all its freedom and all its power.

When I heard about paragliding, I understood it was different from sky diving because you stay elevated and fly amongst the winds, which is a little different from a free fall.  I was all over it.  I pulled the trigger on heading out in this crazy old vehicle with a couple of crazy guys up to one of the higher-low elevation peaks in Mendoza.  I say higher-low elevation because behind our departure zone stands the Andes mountains and Mt Aconcagua which is the second tallest mountain in the world.

As soon as we took off the wind brought us a few thousand feet higher than our original take off point.  We soared with the winds and I felt such a warm sense of freedom and enjoyment.  It has driven this new desire inside of me to fly more.  I surprisingly had no fear but felt truly at peace.  It was a rush and I want more.  Next investment is going to be a chute and some lessons in flying, so I can take my friends up there with me next time.  Free Flights For All!

ON FREEDOM AND TAKING CHANCES.  Take a moment to explore outside of your normal daily routine.  Explore your potential and face your fears with a an open and optimistic point of view.  This type of behavior will set you free and explode your creative potential from the inside out.  For me this entire trip was exactly what I needed to get back to my reality.

John Centi Paragliding in Argentina

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