Go Skateboarding Day | Suburban Blend

Go Skateboarding Day | Suburban Blend

Suburban Blend Skateboarding Day

Today was epic.. I am back in Jamestown and today we held our third annual Block Rock and Session in front of the shop.. I remember this time last year being unable to make it to this amazing skateboarding event due to an unfortunate set of circumstances with Snowrev..

So today we held the event.. I ran the registration, Pete ran the contest and Bacon and the new media crew held it down with the coverage.

Right after the event was over I set up a deck and went to skate the new mini ramp inside the new blend building.. This building is going to rock the area.. We will have Suburban Blend on one side, a Skatepark in the middle and on the left an art store.. On the second floor we already have a thirty foot wide mini ramp that is perfect.. Pool coping, extensions, regular coping, high ceilings, perfect lighting and skate light.. It’s epic. I am already learning new tricks and have so much motivation to skate.. Check back in a few for more.. I need a shower. Peace.

Update on Wed June 23.

Ok Im back from a couple days of focusing on some Snowrev work.  Organizing contacts..  Posting content.. Keeping the site and the dream alive essentially.

Here are a couple of photos from the event.

Go Skateboarding Day at Suburban Blend

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