Gooseberries are a fruit that is similar to a grape but are a little more sour and have seeds in them.. This fruit is native to Europe but I have found that they grow in the Spring in Western New York and are very rare and very hard to find at traditional fruit and berry farms..

This amazing fruit has grown in the back of my nanas house since I was a little kid and has become one of my favorite fruits and most sought after fruits each season.

Just today on this Friday with my family I am sitting with my granpda observing the birds and beautiful back yard. As I was sitting here I noticed that the gooseberries were ripe.. I jumped up ran to the backyard and picked a couple of the prime ripe berries. This always brings back so many memories from my childhood eating these.

I think it would be a great and amazing adventure to start a unique gooseberry farm and sell this fruit to the local markets.

Once these berries are ripe and ready to go I plan to Gather a bunch of them and will take more proper photos of this fruit but for now enjoy this one I found on my iPhone.

Gooseberries Green and Red

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