Grand Teton National Park | Naturally Connected

Grand Teton National Park | Naturally Connected

Teton Sunset ResearchGrand Teton National Park is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen in my life.  Both, winter and summer in this area outside of Jackson Wyoming is one of those places that if you could live there and be blessed with these views every single day then you would realize just how amazing the simple things in life truly are.  Not to say that the Tetons are simple in any way; I am saying that sometimes you don’t need anything except what has been created already to be happy and completely content.

Not enough can be said about the way that the Grand Teton Mountain rises 13,770 feet from the valley floor of Jackson Hole with no foothills. The mountain literally reaches for the sky as far and as fast as it could go. The view coming from the North at Yellowstone National Park is unexplainable. The moment you see these mountains unfold is truly a speechless moment.

I have been giving it quite a bit of thought to move to Jackson Hole and spending quite a bit of time around this natural habitat for tons of wildlife including a surplus of elk, bears, coyotes, wolves and so much more. Its a place that has so much natural history as well as American history. I mean even one of my influences in life John D Rockefeller; purchased 35 acres of land in front of the Tetons with a motive of simply preserving the area and not letting developing ranchers move forward with expansions. Rockefeller donated the land to the US government during FDR’s term and during a time when FDR was launching the National Parks Program. The preservation of the land has been the duty of the United States Govt ever since.

Its not just that though. There is a spiritual connection that I feel to this place that I cannot quite explain. Its settles me and makes me feel at home. There is something about my spirit that communicates with that terrain, and the entire surrounding area. I believe that the spirit of nature is just so strong there it would be nearly impossible to not connect and for me that is one thing I value in this life and when I find something that I do connect with on a spiritual level I follow that. I guess that could be what people mean by following your heart and following your dreams. Following your spirit and the blessing that it allows you to feel.

Enjoy these photos from my most recent visit to Jackson while driving across the country this summer.  I shot them with the intention of showing you just how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to have this in our lives.  If you have never been, go to Wyoming, hit Yellowstone then drive south to Jackson and you will drive directly through the Grand Teton National Park.

Yellowstone National Park Rainbow Water

Teton National Park

Teton National Park Sunset

Snowrev driving past the tetons

Marc Oste and The Tetons
Marc Oste following his path.. Trippy Photo ; )

Old Photo Style Grand Teton

Teton National Park Sunset

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