Homies that Draw

Homies that Draw

I met this extremely talented artist named Anthony NUM Cerino in St Augustine Florida. His mind works on a completely unique level, with the ability to express that unique vision through his art by drawing on skateboards. I have to admit, he is one of the baddest artists I have ever had the opportunity to meet and to hear the story behind the details in his art. I told the kid I could turn his art on to some of the people in the snowboarding industry and see what you think of his work. This type of art takes passion, and this type of passion should get a chance. I am thinking we should hire him to do board graphics for one of our brands.

His art kind of reminds me of the ever famous Lib-Tech snowboard graphics and also seems to be a perfect fit for the upcoming Arbor brand, in my opinion. Graphics that will pop, with tons of color and tons of creativity. Also kind of reminds me of the 1995 classic Noah Salasnek Sims pro model, Noahs Ark.

This kid is mad cool and I thought he deserved a plug so peep his art below.

Skateboard Graphics

Art on Skateboard

Art Rasta on a Skateboard

Cool Skateboard Art

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