Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Street Dreams Music CD Cover

Happy Halloween.  For 2010 I decided to be an old school rapper with my homie Jarrett Gold who is actually in the Mix Tape Business.

As far as my rapping, I laid down some original Halloween freestyles never to be heard again and had a great time doing it.

I spent this Halloween in Tampa Florida at YBor City.  It was a pretty interesting place to spend Halloween.  YBor is sick, the streets are closed off and flooded with kaotic energy, dark costumes and major parties.  It had a dark feel overall, which is generally how Halloween feels.  There is something about the night when people get dressed as the walking dead and can hide behind masks ultimately becoming someone or something else.  Often a creation of their wildest imagination.

The live entertainment in the streets was a huge stage with some death metal music with a person hanging from the top of the stage from a nuce and a crazy demonic chainsaw masacre scene going on.  It was pretty heavy to drop in on that first thing.  But Ybor overall was pretty sick.

I hope all of you have a Happy Halloween, and wait till the mixtap drops.  Ha.. Its going to be legit.  Kaboom.