How to Assemble a Trampoline

How to Assemble a Trampoline

How to put your trampoline together.  With no instructions..  Come on its so easy..

Trampoline Parts

– First grab your parts.. Hopefully you still have all of the framework, all of the springs, the mat and your protective cover.  You will need it.

Trampoline Frame Assembly

– First step is to assemble the framework.

Trampoline Frame Finished

– Once the framework is set up you will be ready to go with the springs.

Trampoline Springs

– A good technique is to place every spring in but to only attach every seven springs to the mat.  Then attach every other spring once you have made one full revolution around the trampoline..

John Centi and Trampoline

– When pulling the springs use gloves.. Otherwise you will pinch the shit out of your hands and you can avoid any lash back from the spring.

Trampoline Put Together

– Once the mat is on, tighten down your safety mat..

Do Flips on Trampoline

Once the trampoline is assembled.. Make sure you send it..

Trampoline Jump POV

– and if your sister helps you set it up.. Let her send it to….

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