JayZ and Eminem NYC Concert

JayZ and Eminem NYC Concert

JayZ and Eminem load up New York Yankees stadium for an all out baller concert that would change the way I look at artists forever.  The power in verbal expression is tremendous and these artists have so much popularity that the words they speak on this particular night are heard through the ears of over 50,000 fans.

It was amazing to see the artists that performed that night.  The line up included JayZ, Eminem, Beyonce, Coldplay, Drake, 50-Cent, Dr Dre, Nicki Minage, BOB, Kanye West and more.  These guys put on a banging show that was like the environment of the biggest club ever.

I owe this post to Slim who motivated all of us to get together for this show.  I easily would have backed out of it had it not been for him and my little sister Megan with such a strong desire to go.  I am stoked that I did though because I have been a fan of all these performers for so long.  Since JayZ, Reasonable Doubt album.

This was the first Hip Hop show I have ever seen and I was tripping on the tribute that Jay did for Big and 2Pac.  I was definitely wishing at that moment that I could see them perform live, something I will never be able to experience.  I just pictured them with such energy and passion that would light up New York like no other artist.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and video, which should be playing in about a half hour from now.

Jay Z and Eminem Concert NYC
JayZ and Eminem Pre Show, Packing Yankees Stadium
Jay Z and Eminem in Concert Yankees Stadium
Eminem comes on and The Show begins
Jay Z and Eminem Concert NYC
Fireworks in Yankees stadium
JayZ and Kanye in New York
JayZ and Kanye put it down
Jay Z and Eminem in Concert
Eminem on the Recovery Tour
JayZ in Concert
Jayz was so strong on stage, most powerful musician I have seen yet
Eminem in Concert
Eminem rapping with so much passion, live was insane
JayZ and Coldplay | JOHNCENTI
Jayz and Coldplay freestyle was epic.

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