Gainer Off the Tower

Gainer Off the Tower

Entrepreneurship for the Future

I have been really inspired by the option of learning from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capital firms.  Its an amazing world we are living in and the opportunity is directly in front of us.  I mean as I write this article I am listening to Ben Horowitz in the background explain his past experience and future options for what he looks for in new entrepreneurs. I am literally looking at this world now as a playground for knowledge. I have seen and have lived and learned through experience, but I am totally ready for more knowledge from the paths that have already been walked by others.

My favorite thing about the current status of our world is that we can find countless hours of information relating to the topics we desire to learn about.  I mean I can literally get information from these entrepreneurs about their experiences and their insights for future business owners.  I mean imagine a college where you could wake up, when ready dig in to the topics you desire to learn about and watch lectures about these topics, instead of going to class.  Welcome to the world self disciplined individuals. A good tech company idea would be to use currently existing videos, pool them together and then systematically allow people to take auto generated quizzes based off what you just watched. School For Free.

Here are a couple notes from some of the videos I have recently watched.

– From At least in tech companies the general standard number one rule is the “Make Meaning” to develop a product that the critical mass population will use or can change the world. The products directly matter. Technology literally means, Better way of Doing Things. Guy Kawasaki, and Ben Horowitz.

– Taking the Market, There must be the goal to control the entire market and winning the market. You must out market, out sell, and beat the competition.

– Leadership is crucial. “Leadership is the ability to get people to follow you at if only out of curiosity”

– Needs turn in to Wants. What a need is definitely up to the imagination of the person.

Keep your mind open to new opportunities that will be coming down the line and becoming needs of the world around us. Invent, Create, Dare to Dream.

Referencing some of the individuals that I am following and deeply researching they include Steve Jobbs, Bill Gates, Ben Horowitz, Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerburg, Guy Kawasaki and this is only the beginning. Thanks Berkeley College.

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