Kaizen Suburban Blend! Sneak Peek Part 2

Kaizen Suburban Blend! Sneak Peek Part 2

KAIZEN! is the change for the better, or improvement on the process in the Japanese culture.  Here at Suburban Blend we are drastically improving our companies culture with some major plans and changes coming our way.  This includes a drastic update on our website and here is a sneak peek at what I have been doing with the site.

I really wanted to give you a look into what has been taking up all of my time over the last few weeks.  I have been working, grinding, figuring out a brand new website platform for our Suburban Blend Shop.  Its that time since our old site is so outgrown and we are ready for the next level.    Its not only an improvement on the design, its an improvement on the process

I have shocked myself with the ability to define the css styles for this site, hand wrote and css styled a new html-css main site navigation, importing and editing multiple csv files full of product data, and writing and defining hundreds of manufacturers and category data.  Its no joke building an online store but I am confident that you will not find another RIDER OWNED AND OPERATED online store like ours on the internet.

The site is almost finished and I am working closely with some engineers to define the last elements.  A few things to look out for are brand-image navigation, and improved sub navigation.  For now I need to focus on adding products for sale to the current SB platform you can buy them.  Enjoy and Kaizen!  Embrace Change!

Below you will find a same page comparison.  The first image is the new site with the improved navigation and the bottom image is the old site with the side main navigation using images.  AND IF YOU MISSED IT PEEP THE SNEAK PEEK PART 1.

New Suburban Blend Website

Old Suburban Blend Website

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