Kincaid North Carolina Wedding

Kincaid North Carolina Wedding

My good old friend Phil Kincaid asked me to be in his wedding over the summer.  I was honored and although Phil had a photographer scheduled for this event I decided to bring my camera and snap a couple “groom side” shots of my own.  The wedding took place in Charlotte North Carolina and I drove over 2,000 miles from Mt Hood in the SNOWREV RV just to make it there.

It was great to see Phil so happy and ready to move his relationship to the next level. Emily, his now wife, is a great girl and these two will be so happy together. I was honored to be in their wedding.. Here is a brief visual recap of what went down.

Kincaid Wedding in North Carolina
– Phil and Emily the night before the wedding outside the church with Phils brother Ian and Eric

North Carolina Church Weddings
– The church

EpiCenter NC
– We partied at the EpiCenter the night before the wedding

Shots during the wedding in NC
– We did plenty of shots

Phil passed out the night before his wedding
– Some, did more than others. Phil didn’t quite make it through the night, but we had his back.

Eric Spaulding, Phil Kincaid and John Centi
– Phil answered the bell on the morning of his wedding day though.. He was up and lively, like he didnt even drink the night before

Charlotte NC Limo
– Streeettccch.

Kincaid Wedding Party
– The Groomsmen in the limo on the way to the wedding

Phil Kincaid Wedding

Phil Kincaid the Groom
– Phil right here was telling me how stoked he was that I came to the wedding.. It was an honor yo.

Eric Spaulding and the Groomsmen
– Slim coaching the much younger groomsmen

Phil and his son
– Phil and his son.

Phil moments before getting his ring
– Phil moments before the wedding with no ring… Yet..

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