Little Cottonwood Canyon and Mother Nature

Little Cottonwood Canyon and Mother Nature

Cottonwood Canyon

Salt Lake City, Yeah this place is epic too. I was definitely lucky enough to spend some good quality time here over the past few years, venturing into the Wasatch Mountain range on a quest to ride steep terrain with light ass snow. That is definitely what you can find out there in Utah.

This photo was taken during one of the stops on the Commotion/Snowrev tour. I remember this series of nights quite well. The night after this, I watched mother nature do things she has never done. Peep the Tripping on Life Wallpaper that was a sequence photo I took the night after this photo above…

Speaking of mother nature, how deep does your appreciation for mother nature go?  Do you appreciate the fact that something truly epic is happening directly in front of you and thank the world for it?  Do you clear your mind of thoughts that could interfere with a precious moment that is truly thrown your way?

What I realized the other day was, two summers ago, I used to go watch the sunset every single day and just tap into the moment that it was. Purely just embrace what was happening. I would take my time and accept the sunset as something that was a pure gift and around that certain time of day, there was nothing more important than seeking out the sunset for an hour. During that hour I would practice the most priceless techniques of spiritual and mental strengthening and would not allow a single bad thought to enter my mind. The other day I realized that I wanted to do the same thing, except my mind wasn’t free. It was clouded with thoughts that screamed loudly in my mind and I found myself fighting to find a center. Trying to focus.

I am going to start publishing some of what I call The Glossary of Life in an attempt to help me find this epic place I was once at and while I do this you guys can practice it too. Its a glossary of about 60 words that if you focus on them purely you can always use them to return to your center and these words will help define anything you are going through. It will make you realize that there is purpose behind every move you make and every path you walk. Most things in this world happen for beautiful reason, it just takes some time before you can wake up and realize what its purpose is for you.

Its Time To Wake Up. The night is over.

Snowbird Utah at Night

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