Lonnie Kauk Climbing | Another Day in the Office

Lonnie Kauk Climbing | Another Day in the Office

Lonnie Kauk, Snowboarder and Climber

Lonnie Kauk is one of the worlds gifted rock climbers is also one of my best friends that I will always value in my life. Why, for many reasons. Lonnie has inspired me for years, not just in his talents of snowboarding and climbing but in his outlook on life. He is Native American and has a very spiritual outlook on all things happening around.  I relate to that entirely and feel like when I met Lonnie and we started kicking it we knew that about each other and realized that having good friends should be about sharing knowledge, experience and beliefs.

On this day Lonnie and I went to the Gorge on the East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  This is one of the sickest places to go climbing and I have made regular trips their each spring to see what new routes Lonnie put up and to try some of my own. For me this day was a very busy one where I could not lose my focus of what was going on with snowrev. I knew that Lonnie would be climbing till dark and I also knew that the majority of my work to be done that day was planning; so I figured I could bring my work and enjoy being outdoors. I spent a few hours working on a new game plan for these short coming winter months, it turned out to be about 7 written pages of action plan and some new ideas. It was so sick out there and I am stoked that I chose not to stay indoors, for real I feel like my plan was so much more creative than what I had been coming up with the past few days.. So get outdoors and Spend another day in the office, outside. You never know what a little fresh air could do for your ideas.

Peep what went down during a day of work for me and a day of putting up a new route for Big L.

A Lizard in California

Lonnie Kauk Rock Climbing

Flying Hawk Photo

Lonnie Kauk Climb

Lonnie Kauk Climbing in California

Photo of Chalk on the Rocks

Another Day in the Office

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