Galaxy Inspiration with Laurynn

Galaxy Inspiration with Laurynn

Nasa Galaxy T Shirt Shoot

In an attempt to develop new and creative t shirt concepts I have always looked to the galaxy as a great place to start for inspiration. I mean, take it BEYOND WHAT THE EYE CAN SEE. The only place I know of to locate such imagery is NASA, but knowing I could never just print a NASA copyright image directly I knew that I would have to create the images myself, somehow. I knew I couldn’t “freehand” create it using illustrator or photoshop, I turned to another option and that option is to use a projector and display the image on a blank wall and place a model in the foreground of the image with a blank shirt.

So the other night, my friend Laurynn and I took to the idea. We set up at INK WELLS PRINTING and utilized one of the blank walls as the canvas. Immediately once I got the projector set, I killed the lights and that shit lit up in such an amazing way.. Your eyes only drew to the image, the galaxy; indoors, drawn by the Vibrance of the wall, the Luminescence. I love the power of luminescence imagery in photography and I am in the works of dreaming a traveling photo shop dedicated to light and color.

Each galaxy created a different setting throughout the entire place, and as Lauryn would move throughout the room the images would create completely different images on the shirt, for example as she would more to the left one foot there would be an entire new t shirt. Its only the beginning of what you could do. The most interesting design to me of the night was the image used above of THE CRAB NEBULA.
Crab Nebula Changes With Different Light
If you pay close attention to the image file above, you will see the same image, that looks completely different in each frame, all because of the exposure.. No editing involved. As you look through, you will see different faces, and skull images, and patterns based on these different settings. When I realized the colors would change as they did I got super pumped, because I have never really seen anything like that happen before and the Crab Nebula is a crazy thing to begin with.. Now its like we are able to translate entirely different ways of viewing the solar system using Light Transmutation.

All for a T Shirt design.. These prints will be available on the Ink Wells Online Store coming soon.

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