Mammoth Lakes Nights

Mammoth Lakes Nights

Mammoth Lakes California

Damn, Mammoth. This place holds such a special part of my heart, its like a second home to me straight up. I have had so many amazing experiences there and have seen so many special things that it truly grabbed my spirit and said, John, You are home.. Even though I wasn’t born there, I found a part of myself there.

I moved to Mammoth when I was 18, I didn’t have much direction, other than a path to explore and find out what the world had to offer. California, the promise land, the mountains, sure, roll the dice and see where the world leads me.

The nights in Mammoth truly hold a place that is so so epic to me, watching the sky open in ways I never knew existed, watching the stars align for me, shooting stars that would light the entire earth in green, watching clouds open like the hands of god and some other things that go way beyond my comprehension of what is real and what is just in my mind. Not even kidding.

I remember when I was living in Mammoth I had this one bedroom that had a huge window that looked out on so much of the Mammoth Sherwin Mountain Range, Ahh.. It was epic, falling asleep every night with so much to see, wide eyed until I faded, every night. I loved that.

I am thinking about moving back to Mammoth. Seriously.

Mammoth Lakes Night Sky

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