Mammoth Mountain Spring Session is over; for me

Mammoth Mountain Spring Session is over; for me

Travelling from LAX to New York..

That’s it for me.. The Spring season in Mammoth is over for now and was amazingly epic.. Thats no to say the season is over.. I mean the snow is still amazing up there, the parks are prime and the chair 3 pipe is epic.

I had a great time there for the months of May 1-till today June 16. During that time period we
were lucky enough to accomplished 50 solid video interviews with some of the worlds best snowboarders, landed some new sponsors for the site and found a motivated group of kids that are ready to make a difference..

We remain doing exactly what Snowrev is all about.. Making a difference for everyone in snowboarding. From my perspective, it’s not about getting all the credit, it’s not about being the one, the only.. For me, Its about being a part of something that goes beyond the average greed that is sometimes found. Its about remaining with your dreams, and about giving other people the chance to get involved in this amazing lifestyle known as snowboarding. That is the foundation Snowrev was founded on and in my opinion where it remains. Regardless of what people will ever say or do. In my perspective everyone and their content is welcome on Snowrev.

I’m flying to Vegas.. I’ll be back in an hour for more.

Ok just landed.. The LA to Vegas flight is so short.. Listened to some Fabolous, Slightly Stoopid, read a little of The Alchemist and reminisced on some old pics..

Now I am back on the flight Las Vegas to Buffalo. I am so excited that I can’t even explain.. Gotta go to airplane mode now..

Remember, it’s important to be honest with who you are. Define yourself and the rest will follow.

The Cali Coast View

The goods, my books and beats

Las Vegas airport.. Otherwise known as the Money Storm.

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