Mt Hood | Day 1

Mt Hood | Day 1

I am in Mt Hood.  I am here to work at gathering content and selling gear for my two businesses SNOWREV and Suburban Blend.  I have spent one day up here so far.. We spent the day skateboarding at Windells Skateboard Park and super fun Facility Center.  Check out what we have been up to..

Image 2.- Here is the template for my flier we will be passing out to all the riders. We have a good selection of super inexpensive but really good snowboarding gear and we will hype the shit out of it here.  Our goal is to SELL GEAR so this will help us do just that.

Image 3.- Marc Oste and Frank Knab attempt this balance log across this flowing water.. I dropped my IPHONE in this water and it was submerged for around 20 seconds. I already have a severely cracked screen.. I found the phone in the water thanks to my yellow sticky note I had written on the back of it.  The note said “Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show them“.  I ran back and submerged the phone in rice.. About an hour and a half later, everything worked perfect. Stoked we bought that rice at the grocery last night..

Full update on SNOWREV by clicking the photo below..

Snowboard Sale Flyer template

Flowing Creek in Mt Hood Oregon

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