Mt Hood | Day 2

Mt Hood | Day 2

This is basically what went down on day two at Mt Hood..
I woke up at 6:00am.  Drove to a place called the Whistle Stop and ate breakfast (twice) and used their internet for about 5 hours to update snowrev, publish our Day one update and planned the rest of our day..  We didn’t yet have passes for the mountain so our plans were going to be to do something off hill.

As I had planned to use the RV as an avenue to push more Suburban Blend gear through I decided to use this time to print and cut these fliers I had spent time making on day 1..

After preparing about 450 fliers as seen in day 1, We cleaned the RV carpet with a Rug doctor, went back to Windells Snowboard Camp and began distributing the fliers to the campers.  We passed out about 150 and made our first sale even with an off the beaten path location (Not prime).  We have talked with the camp founder Tim Windell and he is going to allow us to park on location at the facilities to set up shop..

Peep the photos from what went on..

1. We worked for hours at this diner where we could eat and work on the internet

2. We passed out these fliers with a free sticker.. Kids loved them.

3.  This little kid came up to Oste and asked “What are you?”

4. I did some skateboarding.

5. Then shot some photos of Marc Frank Montoya inside BOB at Windells.

8&9.  This is some more photos of the BOB indoor skateboard facility..

Working at Mt Hood

Snowrev Promotion

Snowrev Promo

Marc Frank Montoya Skateboarding

BOB at Windells

BOB at Windells

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