Mt Hood | Day 3

Mt Hood | Day 3

Since the last time I updated this we have done quite a bit..  I have actually been so slammed I haven’t been able to update the site..

I spent the entire morning on the hill preparing the SNOWBOARDING AT HOOD POST ON SNOWREV

After riding we launched the first ever day of the Suburban Blend/Snowrev Mobile Clearance Shop.  This little plan was super fun to execute.  We did everything from printing fliers, promoting the sale, parking in high traffic zones in Govy, displaying shop and hooking kids up proper.  We launched the “NYOP”.  NAME YOUR OWN PRICE.  We did good, got mad kids pumped on Snowrev and did some good for my shop in NY.

We closed up shop about 11:00 pm and then headed up to Timberline Lodge to sleep at the base of Mt Hood.  The skies were truly unreal and I was so inspired to go shoot photos of the stars and mountain.  I am shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II, a Manfrotto Tripod and a Canon lens.  This was the first night in my life I have have ever witnessed a “Moonset”.  Let me explain, the moon was 3/4 full, and the stars were so clear that you could see the milky way..  It was truly beautiful.  We took a couple extended exposure photos in the parking lot using sparklers.  One sparkler, two shots, turned out pretty ill, due to high winds…  I wanted more though.. I started hiking around the mountain with my camera bag, tripod and Marc Oste.  We ran into the Timberline Lodge snow cat that was bringing about 10 climbers to hike the summit of Mt Hood with some guides.  There were two open seats available in the cat and the crew allowed us to ride along for the midnight-2am ride up to the top of the Palmer lift.  The view from the top was to die for.. A truly epic place at a truly epic moment.  I only wish that everyones eyes could witness such beauty.  I tried my best to capture it.  Back to the Moonset.  So by the time we got down the moon had taken a radical shift in its size and location.  It was big as the sun, burnt red but shining so bright.  It set as if it were the sun and we captured it..

Day 4 has already passed and it was jam packed too.  Stay tuned for the update and enjoy the pictures.  Remember don’t miss the first half of Day one on SNOWREV.

Mt Hood Suburban Blend Mobile Discount Shop

-We set up shop right in Govy.

Mt Hood Sticker Toss

– After about an hour we had mad kids at the RV.. Most of them had never heard of and were all stoked after our sale and sticker toss.


– Inside the RV..


Mt Hood Nighttime

– The legendary Marc Oste at night.

Mt Hood Groomer Ski Resort At Night– Golden Groomers

Mt Hood Timberline Lodge Snowcat Ride

– Timberline Lodge Night Guided Hiking Service

MT HOOD AT NIGHT– Mt Hood at Night.

Moon Set at Night

– Ever heard of a Moon set?

Timberline Lodge at Night– TImberline Lodge at Night | SEE TIMBERLINE LODGE PRINTS FOR SALE ON MONDAY

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