Mt Hood | I Made It

Mt Hood | I Made It

Mt Hood Oregon

Traveling to Mt Hood is no joke.  Yesterday proved that for me..  I left my house in Jamestown at 10 am to head to Buffalo to catch my flight to Atlanta as a connector to Portland Oregon.. Once I arrived in Portland I got picked up in the Snowrev RV and drove about an hour directly to Mount Hood.  The total travel time span lasted from 11 East Coast time to about 11 West Coast time (2am East Time)..  It was pretty heavy but I am stoked to say that I have made it here and will be working hard to get some solid content for the site over the next few days..

I will be riding at Windells Snowboard Camp, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and the Timberline public park.  Stoked to see how it is up here right now..

Stay posted for whats happening up here on hill and off hill as we venture into street gypsy status with the RV and some old Suburban Blend gear to make this happen..

In case you are wondering how this will look check out a couple updates from the SNOWREV site over the past couple weeks..  MT HOOD UPDATE, Bonfire-Pipe-To-Pipe-2010

I am stoked to be up here at the snowboard camps because I always wanted to come as a kid and its a great opportunity for me to get Snowrev and Suburban Blend in a good place with the kids.

Looking forward to some good shredding, great content and much more on the way.. Stay Tuned..

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