New Hoodies

New Hoodies

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I know its time for spring and summer so these lightweight new photo hoodies are going to be finished in good time from the Ink Wells Production house. We have some exciting new developments with Ink Wells and my move to Manhattan for the summer.  I was accepted to join Damond Johns co working space Blue Print and Co and working in Times Square for the summer.  This will be the perfect time to showcase the Ink Wells Live Design tools in NY.

I love that I get to use my photography and turn it into a cool physical printed apparel with a totally unique design.  Its one of the reasons Ive pushed so hard in creating the user friendly tool for creating all over print products at live events.  Allowing guests to live design their own products is so meaningful and fulfilling for me.  It gives me great joy to see the reactions of guests that have designed using our system.  This product showcase for the spring helps to bring this to an entirely new level as we open the door of unmanned live design stations.  Easy to use, Easy to create with, the Ink Wells Live Design software is a great tool for customization and retail and I cant wait to keep this growing.

These hoodies are made with 100% polyester and are made around 1-2 inches taller than a traditional hoodie size.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these visit my artist page on the Ink Wells Site.  INKWELLS.CO/ARTISTS/JOHNNY