NOFX, The Cause Just because

NOFX, The Cause Just because

NOFX is one of my all time favorite bands and their album Punk in Drublic influenced me so much growing up that its not even funny.  I used to skate my mini ramp in my backyard and play my NOFX cd over and over.  This song called “The Cause”  always meant so much to me..  For some reason..  Now I understand why and It really means more to me now with my efforts at The Injured Riders Foundation. Since we created the Foundation, our mission has been to help uninsured athletes that get hurt while doing the things we love to do; by offsetting their medical expenses..  That means people who Skate, Surf, Snowboard, ride bikes and more that get broke off with no insurance, now have someone to turn to for help..  We have already helped uninsured athletes with over $120,000 in medical bills.  This was all contribution from within the Foundation itself through our efforts with no outside funding..  My new idea “Not to be named yet” will be a fundraising attempt to reach $500,000 in funds for the Foundations efforts in the next year.  We are opening dialogue now with every snowboard, skate, surf, motox and bmx shop in the nation-for starters.  I can’t tell you about the product too much yet, but I can tell you this much, its a product and people in limited shops are already buying them.. Be on the lookout for this products new site and fundraising efforts unfolding early September.  100% of the proceeds from this new product are donated to the foundation and go to help you and your friends..  The Injured Riders Foundation – We are doing it for the Cause.

Here is the story about how NOFX got their name. Words by NOFX themselves:  “Mike and I use to hang out at his house and listen to all of his punk rock records. We tried to come up with good band names. I said No FX after a band who had put out one record and broken up called Negative FX. Mike agreed that it was the best one so far. There seemed to be a lot of gimmicky bands around at the time. We like to think that our name meant we were against that shit. In 1983 three of the four members were into the straight edge movement following Minor Threat’s first single, but we were never a straight edge band, OK?”

Here are the lyrics for “THE CAUSE”
Isn’t for the money
Nor is it for the fun
It’s a plan, a scam, a diagram
It’s for the benefit of everyone
You gotta have a little respect
Subterranean ideals
Traditional of neglect
Reflect on how it would make you feel
The cause- we’re just doing it for the cause

No it isn’t for the fortune, it isn’t for the fame
It’s a scheme, a dream, a barterine
We want everyone to think the same
Because you know what you know is right
And you feel what you can’t ignore
And you try so hard to point the blame
A shame- what are we doin’ this for?

The cause- we’re just doing it for the cause
The cause- we’re just doing it for the cause

Open, your eyes, don’t trust, these lies
What are we doin’ this for?
The cause- we’re just doing it for the cause
The cause- we’re just doing it for the cause

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