Old Suburban Blend Notes

Old Suburban Blend Notes

Always a huge challenge in online marketing, is turning your site visitors into customers. The truth of the matter is there is no “secret” formula for success, but more a standard of elements that any store can utilize that will help you turn your readers into customers.  Read this article about my experiences online and learn a little more about how you too can convert your online users to customers.

Online Store Case Study

Here are some true life case studies from my online business experience in running an online magazine for years, and running an online store.  I am going to explain a little bit about what it means to have website traffic and how to convert that traffic into customers for you.

I guess, what I have learned in this game is that, its not about ONLY driving the traffic to your site, because when it comes down to it, having traffic doesn’t mean anything for a business online.  More importantly, its about knowing how to convert the traffic you do have, to your customers and/or registered users.

For years, I was in the business of just publishing content, with a game plan to just get the eyeballs on the site, and we did, we put tons and tons of resources into delivering content on a daily basis, and drove a ton of traffic to our site SNOWREV.  In doing so we ignored the key element, and that was, allowing these visitors to get what they really wanted, and that was products, or services and becoming our customers.

I spent a ton of time this past winter, developing a new website for my shop Suburban Blend with the focus of converting more of our existing users to customers, its a tricky game to play in such a competitive market but it is achievable.  Prior to this season, we again, just maintained a focus of getting people on the site, and thought we were killing it because the traffic was going up, and even spent $ advertising to drive people to the site, but we lost focus of how the users actually interacted with the site itself.  Then, one sleepless night, I compared my google analytics tools and my e commerce tools to realize, that this detail needed some serious attention.  And so it began.

Today, my shop online sales are up 315% this week compared to last year, and we are even suffering a decrease in web traffic of 35% in the same time period.

Here are some steps I took on my new site, to convert more sales online, and you can do the same,

Live Support : Customer Service is #1

Updated User Interface : Dont make your users think, when browsing your site

Improved Navigation : Make your products easy to locate

Simplified Checkout Process : No one likes a difficult checkout process

Custom Complete Skateboard Builder : Let the customer choose their options as a package.

Multilingual Translation : With an international user base, you have to translate for their needs.

I know my site is by no means perfect, or a home run, but we have seen a dramatic increase in sales volume, even with a decrease in visits.

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