Paddle Boarding in New York with a new paddleboard rental company named Board Now. I suggest you go like it. I took the paddle board out for a couple hours to two different water fronts around Western New York. The first one being Chautauqua Lake, and the second being the Allegheny Reservoir and had amazing times both times.

I took a couple friends with me too, the first day I took the infamous social media genius Jeremy Winchester during a sunset session. For Jeremy it was his first time ever riding a board, and he handled it like a champ, the boards are so stable that he didn’t fall in the water once. It was also super therapeutic for him with his over 31 broken bones in his body. The next day I took Molly Price with me and we went tandem for a couple miles. It was so funny, I would be like paddling with my arms like on a surf board while she stood up and paddled, and vice versa.

Stand up Paddle Boards are growing in popularity, especially for river boarding, surfing and flat water cruising. They can be used in so many different ways though, and I have found it to be way more fun than kayaking, because you can sit on them like a kayak and cruise just as fast, but then you can aslo stand up, and lay out in the sun. Its legit.

Its a super therapeutic way to get out on the water and a great way to travel from boat to boat during a floatilla party.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Chautauqua Lake Stand Up Paddle Board

Chautauqua Lake Water

John Centi

Paddle Board lay out in the sun

Molly Price sitting on the paddle board

Paddle Board Molly Price

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