Populating The SNOWREV Snowboard Gear Section

Populating The SNOWREV Snowboard Gear Section

Today I am spending a few hours to populate the Snowboarding Gear Section of the Snowrev site.  Things have absolutely been overwhelming the past few weeks but I am remaining focused on getting everything done and doing my best to stay on top of the priorities.

I am working on placing 2011 Snowboarding products in the Snowrev Products Section.  I am primarily adding sunglasses, wide snowboards and hoodies from Dogfunk.com to our site.  Its important to update this and consistently be working on it.  I am working on putting together a Creative writing and publishing internship program to bring in students that are interested in learning about journalism and how that relates to publishing online.  More will be published about the internship program on the SNOWREV and Suburban Blend websites as it develops further. I will publish the internship program here too and let you know whats up.

Working with Dogfunk expands our brand lists on snowrev to Nitro Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Oakley, Lib Tech, Never Summer, Ride, Salomon, WESC, Technine, Venture and more.  I am going to give a some focus to developing brand pages for all of the brands that would be listed in the Snowrev database.

Of course if you want to skip the search and go directly to buying I suggest hitting up our Suburban Blend Sale section where we are letting gear go at less than cost.

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