Tonight I registered a new name to reference the Ink Wells live printing service and the name is PRINT.LIVE Right now the domain fwds to Ink Wells but in the future this will be used to reference event activation with sponsored content and subdomain names.

The live printing service is so meaningful and fun for my team and I so this is a natural step forward in creating new ways to express what we do as creatives, designers and printer.  We are always looking to further enhance the overall value of our brand, efforts and discoveries.

Not only do we offer a live printing service but just being in that element for so many hours it dawned on us to create a live design interaction and encourage the consumers to Create their own item.

We are 10 days out from our first ever Live Design Only event.  We are going to be allowing guests to create their own custom shirt and then receive it in a specified gift bag before they leave.  This is not only challenging, but its also very simple and very exciting at the same time.  We are super thankful to the amazing clients we have for giving us this opportunity to bring Live Design into your event.

This Ink Wells journey has not been well documented enough here, this is such an amazing and exciting company to me.  I will try and share more from the past, present and future here.

Dont judge me this is just a freewrite.