Rides | Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG

Rides | Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG

The Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG is one bad ass ride..  For that reason I feature it on this weeks version of RIDES.

Lets get right to it..  This beast is a 5.4 Liter V8 That is Supercharged and Intercooled.  The horsepower checks in at 469-507 in this beastly ride and throws you into the back of your seat with 516 Pounds of Torque.  The car sounds amazing with four pipe Chrome tipped exhausts that release as the driver would hammer down the road. Its equipped with a five speed automatic/manual mode.  In auto mode the Speedshift box will automatically downshift if it senses high-g braking.  In manual mode the transmission will neither upshift or downshift without driver influence, regardless of RPM.

Its got a smooth and sleek design that just prowls at you with its appearance and it looks so mean flying down the highway..  It comes equipped with 19 inch wheels and the AMG also comes with three dash mounted selectable settings for your suspension.

It holds five of your friends if you are looking to roll deep.. But be prepared for everyone will be prying at who is in this whip.  Its that hot.


Enjoy this video of the AMG CLS55.  You will be stoked on what you see.

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