Rise Above | View from Bloody Couloir

Rise Above | View from Bloody Couloir

Sometimes in life there are factors or people that will try to hold you or pull you down.. The important thing to remember is that when you have a true love and passion nothing can keep you down. You have the power to rise above any bullshit you may receive and become so strong.

– Mammoth Mountain looks so small from up here..

Rise Above | Yesterday was the perfect example of that for me.. I was lucky enough to send one of the premier couloirs in the Eastern Sierra Mountains with some great people. When I reached the top I realized I had about an hour before the others reached the top. I recognized the beauty in life and how I was able to rise above the bullshit and I essentially strengthened my spirit.

This is a beautiful place and if you haven’t ridden Bloody and you spend time in Mammoth.. You need to check yourself.. The group that I rolled with was my lil sister Megan, who killed it, Alex Wells and Anna Wells.

Remember.. People will often try to make moves to hold you down but in the end you can rise above it all and their influence can’t phase you. Rise Above..

– At 12,500 feet you are above the clouds in the Sierras.

Clouds above Mammoth Mountain

– Rise Above and don’t ever let anyone hold you down.

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