Rome Snowboards and Winter Park Colorado

Rome Snowboards and Winter Park Colorado

I posted another product review on Snowrev this morning.  This time it was the Rome Agent Snowboard as ridden on an icy day at Winter Park Colorado.  While riding this board I had the opportunity to ride with one of the owners of Rome Snowboards.  I have so much respect for the owners of this company because you can tell that they truly love what they do.  The owner that I rode with on that day was Josh Reid.  He is a marketing genius and his company pushes the limits of this action sports, very impressionable, kid driven industry.

2011 Rome Agent Snowboard

Somehow Rome stays so far on top of the game, whether it be their Snowboard Design Syndicate which allows any rider to give input on the products and they actually listen to it..  The progressive Rome Website with video reviews from pro riders about their products..  Also let it be heard that Rome is more consistent and up to date with submitting press to Snowrev than any other company in snowboarding.  They are progressively developing great content with their riders and about their products that people actually want to read.  Damn.. I could really go on and on about what I see these guys doing that is the right way to do it.  Maybe I will save it for an interview with Josh and the crew.  For now check out the 2011 Rome Agent Snowboard product review on Snowrev.

Winter Park Colorado Photo  © John Centi

Also While Im at it.. Peep this photo from our Suburban Blend hotel room we had at Winter Park.  I remember one night I went out in public in nothing but an Airblaster Ninja Suit and came back only to find a few of our Suburban Blend employees sleeping..  That was the night we came up with a great concept yet to be released called  Be on the lookout for that coming sometime in the future..

Be sure to come back for the full Colorado, Denver, SIA report..

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