Schwinn Bicycle Restoration Project

Schwinn Bicycle Restoration Project

Scwhinn Original Tire

Schwinn Bicycle Restoration Project.  My Schwinn Bike frame, tires and all parts are original on this old beat down bike I took  from my granpda to work on a restoration project.  This is a little something to clear my mind for a few hours and I am really stoked on the way the project is turning out.  Its a great way to get away from the computer for a few hours and hopefully with some effort and some new parts, this will turn into a great cruiser bike to ride to and from my other job at Suburban Blend…  Stoked to see how this turns out..

Here is what I have done so far, disassembled every part of the bike.  I have cleaned the thick grease build up off of every part of the bike.  I have shined the metal finishings and removed any rust build up, I have ordered new Schwinn tires (whitewall), rims, handle bar grips and Schwinn pedals.  I have not been hunting for original Schwinn replacement parts because my first priority is to get this bike in a ride-able condition..

Stay posted on how to Restore a Schwinn Bicycle as I continue to keep you posted.

Schwinn Original Bike Frame

Schwinn Original Crank Shaft

Schwinn Bike Restoration

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