Sell Directly on Facebook

Sell Directly on Facebook

Facebook Sell Directly on

How to Sell directly on facebook. One amazing new strategy for selling and promoting your products online is directly through social media applications like facebook. With new developments of todays e-commerce platforms its now easier than ever to sell on facebook. For example, there are applications available right now that allow you to display your PRODUCTS on facebook, where users can browse your preset products, view item details all while still remaining on facebook, then when the user has decided on the item, they can then be taken directly to your companies checkout with the cart from facebook already populated.

For my ecommmerce platforms I work with a company called X-Cart: shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions.. The X Cart developers are the second group of Russian developers I have worked with thus far on my road of online business and these guys have developed a very stable, strong and versatile platform for publishing and selling products. Highly recommend them.  Together this development team and I have developed a very easy to use ecommerce admin panel that allows us to update and add products very easily.  We are constantly in new development to make the site better, easier to use and more functional all around.

This group of developers have also created a new technology called facebook tab module, which is a very easy to use, easy to integrate tool that allows you to integrate the application into your facebook pages and in to your site.  Once synced the products will display on facebook based on the different tabs and categories you assign.  This can be a very popular and easy way to get your products in front of another 10,000- 15,000 users easily.  I recommend working with X Cart because this company is on point with their development and continues to progress selling online.

So its fairly easy, if you want to sell online and on facebook, download X Cart from that link above, integrate your store then, download the Facebook Tab Module and let er rip.

For a sample of how the Facebook Products For Sale works live on facebook check out this LINK.