Sheep Dog | Hold It Down

Sheep Dog | Hold It Down

Sheep Dog Photo

A livestock guardian dog (LGD) is a domesticated canine used to defend livestock against predators. LGDs are also commonly referred to as sheepdogs since they most often have guarded flocks of sheep, but most are capable of guarding other species of livestock. Unlike a herding dog such as the border collie, an LGD does not control the movement of the flock with aggressive or predatory actions causing bunching. Instead, LGDs tend to blend into the flock and generally ignore the individual animals in favor of keeping an eye out for potential threats. While bunching behavior is observed, it is the livestock that tend to bunch around the guarding dogs, especially on open range when predators are near.  There is a lot that can be said about elements, people and animals that hold their ground.  The ones that stand up against the bad factors, that look within themselves and don’t back down.

Holding it down..  This is an amazing photo for me because I immediately saw so much strength in this dog.  To me; As this dog and I stared at one another I realized that this is how a business owner needs to be… Stand Strong, Protect the brand identity, protect the customer base from predators that will often try and steal the dream..  Ha.. As you can tell I am tainted in business, but you have to remember; like Jay-Z said.. “Get that dirt off your shoulders”..  Obviously there will be haters and it takes a true focused human to not allow the haters to break the concentration that is required to build a business.  Also remember the word, Longevity

For example… My efforts in my personal business ventures have only increased with more passion and focus as time has gone on..  I remember last summer, struggling so hard trying to maintain my focus.  I was spending so much time building a serious “commercially viable” website called Snowrev.  I spent so many hours trying to design the new snowrev site, focusing so many hours on development, on building databases, link structures, site purpose, all while dealing with a name trademark dispute with Lilac management and an unfortunate “on edge” partnership..  Ohhh you know..  Stressful to say the least..   With all that happening I unfortunately slipped off focusing on the important things that make the wheels turn.  These important things in my case are developing key content and making money.  Guess what though.. The sites done now.. Little did I know that my site building efforts with time would pay off and I would have the time to focus on the sponsorship and the content required to make it happen..

Don’t lose focus and hold down your heard from the predators that are out there trying to get at your shit..

For the past few days I have really noticed this..  I have taken editorial control of Snowrev and will display a true expression of what a kid who lives, breathes and loves snowboarding can do with a little time on his hands…  See my most recent articles..  Splitboarding Binding Review and 2011 Arbor Snowboards Preview.  I also posted an array of Snowboarding videos on the site for your enjoyment..  Check them.. Aside from that I have prepared some seri0us contacts for the Snowrev Site Sponsorship Campaign.  Its time for it to happen; For the first time since the inception of the business.  I have over 1,000 emails of potential businesses that we have worked with over the years and they are all going to at least hear the voice..  Let it be known I will be holding it down.

Guard The Heard

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