John Centi Skateboarding

The last few weeks in Jamestown have been really awesome for skateboarding.. I mean between the bowl completed at Suburban Blend and the long boarding just going off around here its hard to not skate. Regardless of how bad it may hurt.

Skateboarding is BEAST IS BEAST mentality for sure, you don’t learn new tricks or progress in this game without being able to take some severe slams, at least in my case. I fall, and fall hard, but the pain is what keeps me getting up.. Its hard to explain, but the more I fall, the more I want to move before anything locks up, the movement is the best remedy I think. Stagnation is death..

For that reason we keep everything now on the move, work 12-15 hours per day, 6 days per week, skate every day..

We just finished up the First Annual King of The Bowl contest, and it was insane! Kids from all over the Northeast came through to skate, rippers like Mike Berdis, Andy Geary, Mike Calamari, Robbie Rademacher from Skatopia, Joey Nosebone! and many more rippers.

To put it real simple.. I love Skateboarding..

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