Skateboarding Santiago Chile

Skateboarding Santiago Chile


Skateboarding in Santiago Chile

Skateboarding in Santiago Chile. I recently and randomly rolled up on this huge skatepark in Santiago while there for Chiles independence holiday. This park is in the middle of a huge park called Parque O’higgins that my Los Heroes from Sweden and I went to visit.  The festival itself is an entirely different story.

While there I borrowed a board from some Chilean homies and met a little skater Alan Diaz who was killing it.  I ended up putting on the Ink Wells skateboard team and have been encouraging him to get more sponsors.  We are right now sending him his first care package to Chile with some fresh Ink Wells t shirts, hoodies and a board from Plan B.  If you are ever in this situation remember to ask “Me prestas tu tabla?”  Can I borrow your board in Spanish.

Dropping in to this bowl was great.  I mean considering I was on a board I had never ridden, the fact that there were like 100 people watching and I had never dropped in to this bowl ever it was a little intimidating but not enough to prevent me from getting in there.  First run I did a backside 5-0 grind on the deep end of the bowl and three more grinds in that first run.  It took me about 3 runs to catch on and get the shakes out of my legs.  Skateboarding gives me this energy that runs through my whole body that makes my body shake until I take a few runs.  Its a true adrenaline rush.

It was awesome.  The kids were super nice and although I couldn’t speak spanish enough to ask them for their board, they understood my gestures and were more than happy to hook me up with a board to use.

If you go to Santiago Skatepark Parque O’higgins in Chile.  You can enjoy a bowl with about 10-12 foot pockets, metal coping, a full street course and a great culture.

After you skate go el Parque Metropolitano and hike to the top of the hill and enjoy this view seen below that I shot at night up top.  You will love Chile.

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