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Snowboarding is my first passion. It has been the cause of my living through almost every one of my childhood dreams and has also helped me learn and experienced much more than I could have ever dreamed.  When I turned 18 I made the decision to follow my inner voice and it lead to my moving to Mammoth Mountain in California for my first time stepping in to the real mountains.  Growing up in Western New York I was never surrounded by large mountains and that helped in my recognition of just how special it is to be engulfed in new mountain terrain.

I realized college wasn’t for me and that I wanted to find an alternative solution in spending valuable time.  Snowboarding 1, relaxes me for weeks 2, provides me the time necessary to analyze all things in my life and 3, gives me the perfect outlet for living a life with time well spent.  

John Centi Snowboarding Argentina

I have traveled to many amazing places and have had the opportunity for my eyes to be blessed by such amazing and tranquil zones that exist in our whorld, because of snowboarding. I have learned to try things, regardless of outcome, in pursuit of the energy of completion of something new, and have achieved. I have had near death experiences because of snowboarding and have lived through them with a stronger more in depth appreciation for life.

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I started my first business because of my love for snowboarding and have become an entrepreneur since pursuing what Im passionate about and following that.

Snowboarding has taken me to so many places and has altered my entire perspective.  Ive travelled From Alaska to Patagonia, and continuously on the quest for new adventures in and around the mountains.

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