SNOWREV Proposals are Finished!

SNOWREV Proposals are Finished!

Snowboarding Community Sponsor Proposal

So the past week has been beyond crazy.  On the Snowrev side of things I have been lining up contacts, having meetings, developing the sponsorship proposals for Snowrev and Skateboardrev.

I am stoked to have finally got one of the major tasks off my plate.  Finish these joints up and send them off to my first targeted 90 brands..

I have developed four proposals so far.  Snowrev, Skateboardrev, The RV and a secret video interview project.  Speaking of the interview project, we just did two new interviews today.   One with Lonnie Kauk and another with Taylor.

On top of all that; For Suburban Blend I have been doing inventory review and sales planning.  We are trying to figure out what we still have a bulk amount of and I am working on the discovery of new channels for retail product distribution.

Ahhh and for the personal site.  The website has just begun its journey into the world of Search Engines.  I am very excited to have that happen and thank you everyone for the links…  I will put more photos up this week.

Thanks for reading… and remember.. Don’t ever get to comfortable; no matter where you are in life.  You always have to stay on your toes, put your heart into the things you love and keep moving forward with your dreams.

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