Speechless | Going With The Flow

Speechless | Going With The Flow

Winter Photos

Its important to remember that not everything is going to go one way, which at the time may be your way.  In situations like these you need to go with the flow and fully understand each situation as a unique environment and accept it clearly as such.  For when you do go with the flow without resistance you may end up exactly where you wanted to be in the first place.  If you place resistance on the situation and you still end up in the place you wanted you may have regrets for doubting yourself or the group.  Sometimes its just the way life works and people need to learn how to roll with it.

I choose this winter photo as the example to explain what I mean by going with the flow.  Two directions, two perspectives and two different ways that the flow has come together and created an amazing scene in the middle.  Nature, naturally goes with the flow.  Whatever force is brought on to drive movement and whatever direction that movement is going the nature will follow.  People on the other hand often provide resistance to the flow.  Peoples emotions get involved and their ability to let things happen naturally falls into disregard.  If everyone could be non resistant to change and went with it, then who knows where our world and society would be.

Remember to go with it.  Give it a try and Go With the Flow.

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